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05.06.2016. | Full-Fledged membership doesn’t mean integration
Mr. Borislav Pekic says:
“We should look right ahead. If we wanted to look behind, we would have eyes on the back of the head. We should love country of our children more than country of our grandfathers. Honor will not depend on where do we come from but on where are we going....”
Forgive us for taking the words of our sharp-witted author, Mr. Borislav Pekic, to begin our address to you. We consider that by quoting him I have actually listed all our dilemmas, fears and hopes and that his words have given us as brief as possible reasons of both ALFA Centar’s existence and the previous eleven and half years of their operating.
ALPHA Centre is honored and privileged to have this present day recognized as the crown for all endeavors and labor we have been investing in creating Montenegro a democratic, proud and stable state, namely a member state of both the NATO and of the European Union.
Similar events are generally opportunities to review the achieved performance. They stand for even higher significance and value to us, knowing in what situations we have been achieving them, while simultaneously developing ourselves and strengthening our citizens’ confidence in us. Well, let us see the sequence of events.
Maybe highly ambitious, but nevertheless with all the belief in our mission justifiability, we have developed four programmes, being convinced that by their implementation we would change the stance of all of us to the country we live in.
We actually managed to maintain the matter of Euro Atlantic Integration high up on the social events agenda. We were the pioneers in creating public debate about the NATO membership matter.
We have visited any single region of Montenegro; we have talked to citizens, while explaining the seriousness and significance of and a need for becoming a member of the collective security system; we were patient listeners, respecting and taking into consideration everything we were said.
We have prepared and arranged 6 international, 5 regional and 10 national conferences, as well as 98 lectures, 68 forums, 31 panel discussions, 19 round tables, 4 study visits, 11 competitions and a variety of 60 other activities aimed at increasing the level of awareness of the integration into the Alliance. I am placing particular emphasis on the Regional Euro Atlantic Camp, namely REACT, the ceremonial handing over the Siguran Kompas (Safe Compass) Award and the study visit paid by the opponents to the NATO membership to the NATO Headquarters in Brussels.
With the same aim, our members have participated in several tens of events throughout the world. We have considered and we still consider that the NATO should neither be necessarily admired and idealized, nor bowed. Montenegro has the capacities, knowledge and resources capable of enriching and strengthening the Alliance as well. This political and security organization offers now the best security framework for both the Montenegro state and the Montenegrin society. It is a need and an interest of all citizens.
These days, being the moment Montenegro started to be full-fledged member of NATO and all surveys’ findings have demonstrated more than a half public support, we are convinced we have made a success.
But, the most challenging matters will definitely be the change of our stance to the country we live in, as well as to its future; to change our habits, regardless of public, private or civic segment we are and we are engaged in.
Everyone determined to make an active contribution to improving the life quality of all of us the ALFA Centar will regard as a reliable partner.
patience and dedication to the work, as well as for their invincible belief in the rightfulness and honesty of our mission as well as to all our supporter who gave us trust and energy to go forward !
Full-fledged membership doesn’t mean integration, so we need to stay strong and united in order to build Montenegro as a democratic and developed society !
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